The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy is  an online educational and mentorship forum, founded by Prophetess  Michelle McClain-Walters, to equip believers with the essential tools to  fulfill their God-given assignment, as well as provide motivational  support in walking out their destiny. For years, Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters has carried in her heart a dream to establish a community of  "God-Chasers" and "Destiny-Seekers" where she could pour years of wisdom into their lives and offer healthy mentoring in the area of walking out their prophetic call in a structured or organized manner.
The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy is the manifestation of this dream. Students/Mentees who enroll in The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy  will experience a safe & interactive place of learning and discipleship, where Prophetess  Michelle will carefully take you by the hand and provide teachings, webinars, and  live Q and A sessions that will help develop you into the man or woman of God that you are destined to be, as well as  guide you on taking the proper steps to reach destiny.
There are 3 ways you can enroll into The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy.